Construction & Fabrication

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Our global network of contractor resources and effective mobilization of skilled management teams ensure construction activities are executed on cost saving methodologies and health, safety and environment highest standards.

Construction Services

Our field construction experts focus on constructability, as-built engineering, rigging, welding, software systems and modular solutions.

Construction Management

Our construction management secures subcontractors with a track record assuring performance and execution targets are met in terms of safety, commercial and schedule.

Quality Control

We implement work under ISO 9001 certified quality program that administer self-perform and project management construction activities. Each project is assigned quality manager responsible for assuring quality is observed at all levels of construction.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Programs

Our commitment to the health and safety of employees at construction site and the safeguard of the environment is deeply engrained in all our practices. 

Modular Solution

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